Hello Zingly.

Your pocket-sized, trustworthy, and powerful companion to navigate modern life. Zingly organizes, secures and lets you share critical personal information   – like financial, insurance and legal docs, medical info, IDs, credit cards and passwords – and reminds you what to urgently pay attention to, like an expiring passport.  Zingly is a friend that sweats your details, so you don’t have to.

Your Life. Organized
in Your Pocket.

The stuff that clutters your emails, apps, filing cabinets, safe deposits, wallets, glove box and sticky notes. It’s all there. Organized, secure and easy to find.

Never Forget a Date,
Number or Detail.

Be alerted before something falls through the cracks. Say goodbye to late fees, penalties, and hassles from missed expiration, renewal or payment dates.

Let Artificial Intelligence
Do the Work for You.

Life is complex enough. SmartScan an ID, forward an email or connect a bank account and Zingy’s AI will identify, organize and bring it to life for you.

Give Everyone in Your Family
Access to What They Need.

Create your Private Network and securely share what you chose – like a password, vaccination record or insurance policy. No more “honey, where is the…?”

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Amazingly Smart

Artificial Intelligence brings your information to life.

Amazingly Easy

Add, connect or share with a tap and search for anything with just your voice.

Amazingly Secure

End-to-end encrypted. The most secure way to manage and privately share your personal information.

Amazingly Connected

Instant access to the information, people, and companies that power your life.

Pocket-Sized Peace of Mind.

Smart Scanning

Take a picture and organize your life with just your phone’s camera. Typing is so yesterday.

Search by Voice

Talk, don’t type. Just say “What’s my driver’s license number?” and Zingly has the answer.


Collections make it easy to group and privately share. Like playlists for your information.

Connected Accounts

View your financial accounts balances and transactions, all updated in real-time.

Zingly Moments.

Starting school each year with 3 kids is stressful – I need vaccination records, physicals, birth certificates, etc. With Zingly it’s a breeze, everything is organized and accessible right from my phone.

Katrine S.

Getting all the paperwork
ready for kids school

We used to get stressed out about leaving the kids with the babysitter.  Now, with Zingly we can give her access to the kids’ emergency medical information for the few hours we’re away. Zingly gives us incredible peace of mind.

Karen F.

Giving a babysitter information
in the case of an emergency

I’m responsible for looking after my aging parents. Zingly gives me instant access to their medical and legal documents the moment I need them.

Linda K.

Adult child caring
for parent

On a recent trip to Europe,I used Zingly no fewer than 10 times – from searching for my passport and frequent flyer numbers to showing my vaccination records – so helpful!

Scott O.

Accessing travel docs
when traveling abroad

Start Your Amazingly Stress-Free, Organized, Happy, Confident, On-time, Envy-Inducing Life Today.

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